Trevor Eisenman, PC

In 2014, Trevor Eisenman founded a law firm dedicated to providing aggressive representation for every client. Whether representing the parent of a disabled child against their school district or fighting an insurance company for compensation for an injury, Trevor takes pride in getting to know each client and providing them with a fierce advocate.  

Prior to opening his law firm, for 8 years, Trevor Eisenman practiced disability law, representing clients who suffered from severe and persistent mental illness in family court, disability discrimination, housing, social security, and various other legal matters.  He received a BA from SUNY Albany and then went on to work on environmental campaigns in New Jersey, Ohio, and Kentucky in an effort to organize communities, draft legislation, and lobby lawmakers.  Trevor received his Juris Doctor at Western New England University.  Trevor is happily married with two young daughters, Lily and Kaya.  

Growing up in Brooklyn, Trevor recognized that with the help of a powerful advocate, a single person can make a stand and effect change.  More than ever, Trevor is determined to make the world a better place for Lily, Kaya, and for                                                                all of the clients that he represents.

                            Trevor Eisenman, P.C.

                  180 S. Broadway, Suite 302

                  White Plains, NY  10605

                               P. 914-368-9683

                   F. 914-290-6981


*** Available to meet in New York City by appointment

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